Sports and Games


Embedding students with life skills and prepare them to be fit and confident to take on the world.


MSRCASC sports department offers to manage, serve, promote various games both indoor and outdoor at all levels of play, thereby making the students to be life time learners in the classroom and on the field. To develop them in building character and godliness.

The Department of Physical Education & sports at M S Ramaiah College of Arts, Science and Commerce was established in the year 2004.

At MSRCASC Sports is an integral part of the all round development of the students personality. Achieving excellence in sports has great bearing on morale and developing positive attitude. MSRCASC is keen to implement programs, to promote excellence in sports. At the forefront of the efforts, the Sports dept. has several facilities. Through its sports promotional events, MSRCASC supports and nurtures talent in youth, and provides them with requisite infrastructure, equipment, coaching facilities and competition exposure.

Faculty of Sports

The Faculty of Sport works with an athlete or a team to ensure that they have the best possible career opportunities through receiving the best training, playing or competing with the best teams as well as being motivated.

Physical Education Director
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  • Conduction of BU Tournaments
  • Annual Athletic Meet
  • Inter Department Competitions (Men & Women)
  • Inter Staff Competitions (Men & Women)
  • Felicitation for Sports Achievers & out going Sportsperson.