Department of LifeSciences

Life sciences is actually a very big deal in the world. Basically life sciences is dealing with anything that deals with life and science.  Life Sciences is growing and is rapidly becoming an integral part of our society. It is comprised of several fields including stem cells, food processing, biomedical technologies,microbiology, biotechnology and many more.  These fields are ever-changing and growing. There is a great demand today for people that not only can understand this information, but also people that can write about it and make it understandable to the general public.It is a huge and very important field that is a great place to get a career.Life science products are essential in biomedical research and in developing new or improved treatments for disease.  Today, this is one of the most exciting – and important – fields of study, as these studies frequently apply directly to improving and extending human life.  

The department of life sciences  of MSRCASC Promote life and health through training and education on safety, primary health care and healthy living and encourage community service through training and education.

 Dr. Nagagireesh Bojanala, Dean of Sciences & Head of Research   View Message

The department of Lifesciences of MSRCASC comprises of three departments . 

Department of Chemistry / Biochemistry

Department of Biotechnology / Applied Genetics /Biology

Department of Microbiology  

Courses Offered
       Postgraduate Course        -     MSc -  Master of Science 
                                                                                         MSc-Applied Genetics
   MSc-Organic Chemistry

       Undergraduate Course      -     BSc -  Bachelor of Science  
                                                                                        BSc ( Biotechnology , Chemistry  & Microbiology)
                                                                                        BSc  (Genetics, Biochemistry & Microbiology)