Our Mission

“To Connect with the Alumni of MSRCASC and a passion to continue this forever”

The main agenda of ‘Alunmi meet’ is the formation of an active Alumni Association of MSRCASC, an official association binding the alumni, teachers and students together. Institution recognises that it can do so effectively involving its alumni in its progressive efforts. To strengthen the existing bond between the alumni and the college and to continuously keep them updated about the college’s progress and plans.This alumni reinforces the commitment of the college to stay in touch with the culturally and geographically diverse populace of students who integrate with the MSRCASC family. The Alumni Association of MSRCASC was formed in 2008 and the first Newsletter “Re-member” was released for the first time in the year 2008 with a mission.

The MSRCASC conducts its annual alumni meet on the second Saturday of March every year.

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    Alumni Contribution

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