About the Department


The placement department facilitates training while simultaneously working to promote the total development of the pupils. By serving as a bridge between industry and institute, the placement department of RCASC protects the interests of both students and recruiting firms.


Empowering the students to emerge as successful professionals in their chosen career.


The placement cell strives to equip students with relevant professional skills and mentor them towards a successful career to improve their employability. The aim is to establish a strong connection with the business. Students get a chance to use the information and experience they have acquired in actual, useful settings because of the placement division. All graduate and postgraduate students receive placement services. The division makes sure that exceptional students get hired into pertinent businesses as soon as they finish their studies and receive their degrees by working closely with big industrial firms. While some students do start working after finishing their academic programmes, many choose to pursue higher education. The department assists graduates in finding jobs with reputable national and international businesses.

In addition to receiving individual counselling, students receive training in creating resumes, participating in group discussions, learning interviewing techniques, writing job applications, and receiving current information on employment trends and careers so that they can approach interviews with the utmost confidence.

Guidelines and Protocal


The Training and Placement Cell of the MSRCASC looks after the interests of the students and the recruiting organisations by acting as a channel of communication between them.

Our excellent placement division allows students to apply their knowledge and expertise in real-life situations. Placement services are provided to all graduate and postgraduate students. Working in close coordination with major industrial houses, the division ensures that outstanding students are placed into relevant industries as soon as they complete their studies and obtain their degrees. While some students do take up jobs upon completion of their academic programmes, many students in the placement division opt for higher studies.

The institution assists graduating students in securing positions in reputed national and multinational companies. In addition to individual counselling, students will be trained in group discussion skills, interview skills, drafting job applications, and providing up-to-date employment trends, and career information so that the students will face the interview with the utmost confidence.


The MSRCASC Placement Cell's goal is to place its students in high-calibre jobs on par with those offered by the majority of the nation's institutes.

Placement learning is:

  • Learning that is a planned and intended part of an academic course.
  • Learning typically takes place inside the institution with the support of a placement Officer.
  • Inclusive of placements arranged by students with the approval of the institution but does not include part-time, term-time or vacation work (that is not a planned part of the course).

Placement Activities-

A) Placement Officer carries out the following activities to ensure an effective placement process.

  • Develop close industry relations & interaction.
  • Develop and maintain close business interaction

B) Students' personality development and grooming:

  • Communication Programme (Spoken and language)
  • Personality & Attitude rounds
  • Group discussions
  • Interviews

Placement Procedure


  • All efforts shall be made to carry out qualitative placements for the passing out students by the Placement Officer.
  • Each student shall be given two chances to appear for placement interviews.
  • Before appearing for the interview, students will have to sign the undertaking/willingness for the same.
  • The dress code is strictly formal. Students who do not follow the rules, will not be considered for placements.
  • Students are not authorised to communicate with the companies on an individual level or in any individual capacity.
  • Any corporate interaction by any student must be carried out in consultation with the Placement Officer.
  • Once selected for placement by a company and accepting the offer, no student will be considered for any other interview.

The rule for acceptance of offers-

A student will NOT be permitted to attend an interview with any other company after receiving a final offer for placement from a company.


Some of the reputed companies, which have recruited our students.

Student Testimonial

Star Placement List (2021-2022)

Course Name Name of the Student Organisation Placed Salary / CTC offered
MBA Iliyas I Huilgol BYJUs 1000000
MBA G Archana Kumari BYJUs 1000000
MBA Katta Adi Balaji Sai Harshitha BYJUs 1000000
MBA Khadagi Dhanashri Bhagavatrao BYJUs 1000000
MBA Kiran Shankar Nayak BYJUs 1000000
MBA P Sai Chethan Reddy BYJUs 1000000
MBA Saptatapa Paul BYJUs 1000000
MBA Rishvana Begam S BYJUs 1000000
MBA Sai Chandrakanth M M BYJUs 1000000
MBA Sripathisharama Narasimha Sastry BYJUs 1000000
MBA Srisantosh P S BYJUs 1000000
MBA Surya T S Nair BYJUs 1000000
MBA Vaishna Hemendh Raj BYJUs 1000000
MBA Venkata Surya Narayana K BYJUs 1000000
MBA Vishnu Darshan D BYJUs 1000000
MBA Aghil ramesh BYJUs 1000000
MBA Ajith K A BYJUs 1000000
MBA Alex Onachan BYJUs 1000000
MBA Athira Sasi BYJUs 1000000
MBA Devika Biju BYJUs 1000000
MBA Jivesh Ranjan BYJUs 1000000
MBA N Varun BYJUs 1000000
MBA Nikhil Liji Chacko BYJUs 1000000
MBA Raunaq Das BYJUs 1000000
MBA Sumit Kumar Sashikant BYJUs 1000000
BBA U Nikhitha BYJUs 1000000
M.Sc - Microbiology Harshini P BYJUs 1000000
BBA Priyanka K BYJUs 1000000
B.Com Akshatha G Rao BYJUs 1000000
B.Com Faisal Fayaz Ahamed BYJUs 1000000
B.Com Harshitha R BYJUs 1000000
B.Com Manjunath A BYJUs 1000000
B.Com Nikitha M V BYJUs 1000000
B.Com Nishmitha M BYJUs 1000000
B.Com Pruthvishree V.K BYJUs 1000000
B.Com Rakshitha M BYJUs 1000000
B.Com Ramith R Lal BYJUs 1000000
B.Com Sanjana Raj BYJUs 1000000
B.Com Supriya V Mohanvel BYJUs 1000000
B.Com Varshitha S BYJUs 1000000
B.Com Anjali Suresh Patrot BYJUs 1000000
B.Com Bharath K BYJUs 1000000
B.Com C V Sri Rukmini BYJUs 1000000
B.Com Deepasha Singh BYJUs 1000000
B.Com Hema C BYJUs 1000000
B.Com Rishabh Vats BYJUs 1000000
B.Com Rohan R Talanki BYJUs 1000000
B.Com Sakshi BYJUs 1000000
B.Com Swathi A BYJUs 1000000
B.Com Aakash D BYJUs 1000000
BCA Gowri.S BYJUs 1000000
BCA Hariprasad S BYJUs 1000000
BCA Likitha.S BYJUs 1000000
BCA/td> M. Suhas BYJUs 1000000
BCA Nerosha S K BYJUs 1000000
BCA Sindhu V BYJUs 1000000
BCA Vaishali K BYJUs 1000000
B.Sc (EMCs) Chethan S BYJUs 1000000
BA Aishwariya Mitra BYJUs 1000000
BA Biraj Saha BYJUs 1000000
BA Akash A BYJUs 1000000
BBA Rahul Yadav Intellipaat 965000
B.Sc Anuska Banerjee Intellipaat 965000
BBA Vishsal T.H Intellipaat 965000
BBA B S Vyshnav Intellipaat 965000
BBA Karan Sharma Intellipaat 965000
B.Com Samay Ranjan Intellipaat 965000
BA Hrisha Murlidhar Intellipaat 965000
BA Diwakar Singh Intellipaat 965000
BBA Goli Sai Priyanka Intellipaat 965000
BBA Saleem Ahamed Khan Intellipaat 965000
BA Abhyuday Adhikary Intellipaat 965000

Contact Placement Officer

Name: Madhusudhan H

Head - Placements and Corporate Relations

Mobile: 7338064647

Email: msramaiah_placements@msrcasc.edu.in