Bachelor of Arts is a three year under graduate programme conducted in six semesters. It is a trimajor course with Optional English , Journalism and Psychology another combination with Optional English, Journalism, Political Science.

Optional English

English literature classes include critical thinking, analytical skills and creative expertise. It aids students’ expression and communication often involving class discussions that help in developing public speaking skills and self-confidence. Student’s language skills and range of vocabulary improves with the assistance of English literature.

Different points of view, knowledge beyond our years, key lessons for the future, writings from the past, creativity beyond belief, freedom of expression, varied themes and concepts contribute to the value of English literature.

English literature aids in using language for specific and aesthetic purposes. Familiarity with the concepts of metre, rhythm, rhyme and other literary devices can improve students’ writing skills by appreciating and applying the concepts.

The enjoyment and appreciation of literature assists students to develop an interest in books and reading not only as student but as they move away from their studies into their adult lives.


Journalism – the gathering, documenting, and disseminating of news and reports has been an integral part of human civilization for centuries, offering us connection and vital ways to learn of events and news, both locally and from around the world. Freedom of the press is essential for a fully functioning democratic society and students can play a pivotal role in this by studying and working in the field of Journalism.

Studying journalism, in a bachelor’s program, provides time, mentorship, and opportunities to network and practice the craft of journalism before landing that ‘dream job’.

Alongside studies, students will be involved in the projects of our College News Channel and Newsletter 3600+1.

Students may also gain experience and contacts in the industry by interning for a local Newspaper Industry/ Television Channel/ Radio.


Psychology is the scientific study of human mind and behaviour. Psychology aims to understand the behaviour of others and gather information about the way brain works in order to better serve humanity. Psychology seeks to understand and explain how people think act and feel. Psychologists strive to learn more about the factors that impact thoughts and behaviour ranging across biological, personal, emotional, vocational and social pressures. Studying psychology equip students to use their knowledge of human behaviour in their daily lives. Developing the ability to communicate better, manage emotions, improve inter and intra personal relationship, adapt oneself to changing situation and enhance cognitive abilities and excellent research and analytical skills are a few benefits of studying psychology in the undergraduate program.

A practical insight into the psychological field is achieved by interning in various psychiatric hospitals, special schools, rehabilitation centres, de-addiction centres etc.