To attain the status of center of excellence in the field of Electronic Science and allied fields.
​To impart quality education to meet national challenges.
To blend theoretical knowledge with practical skills.

The department was established in the year 1994. The department now offers UG course in Electronics. The course follows the Semester pattern prescribed by Bangalore University. The duration of the course is 3 years divided into 6 semesters. The curriculum is followed as per the revised syllabus. In accordance with the revised syllabus, laboratory and libraries do get updated regularly. In addition to the general library, department library is also lending books to students. the department has got well established spacious laboratories to provide good lab facility. This program is designed to prepare individuals who are technically sound and capable of fitting into the modern IT and Electronics environment in the present industry scenario. This study program roots the individual with a solid technical background and real-time experience on tools to handle the most demanding aspects of electronics systems. The course provides a broad outline of various aspects of IT & Electronics systems and covers the different ways of information handling, transmissions & processing. The program requires students to take courses in electronics circuits, data structures algorithms & programming languages. The course keeps every student updated on the latest in technology relating to the immediate industry scenario. The practical exposure with the correct amount of theory ensures the student is molded to the optimum level to undergo the rigorous requirements of the demanding knowledge industry.

Course Offered       BSc  –  Bachelor of Science  ( Electronics  /  Computer Science  /  Mathematics)

Minimum Qualification  Pass in 10+2  / equivalent in any discipline with 60 %.                                  

About the Course

BSc – Bachelor of Science is a three year under a graduate program conducted in six semesters. It is a tri-major course with Electronics, Computer science, and Mathematics. In accordance with the revised syllabus laboratories and library do get updated regularly. The core subjects are studied by the students in all the six semesters. Languages are studied during the first four semesters there are also interdisciplinary subjects such as Indian Constitution and Environment Studies in the Curriculum. The course provides an opportunity to have the skills and in developing an analytical mind to the students because of the core course in Mathematics, Electronics and Computer science.

The students are appraised based on their involvement and participation in tutorials, lecture classes, and practical studies. They are also assessed by the project work and seminars apart from the examinations conducted by the Institution and the University.

Internal Assessment: Internal marks are assessed based on the performance of the student in tests, assignments, seminars, attendance, punctuality, interaction relating to the subject during class hours, approach in solving the problem – awareness, progress, creative thinking development and the overall attitude of the student.

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Dr.Naveen Kumar R

MSc, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Electronics

Mrs. Kavya E

MTech (Signal Processing)
Assistant Professor
Department of Electronics