• Qualifications: MSc, BEd,K-SET,PhD
  • Department: Assistant Professor
  • Designation:Department of Biotechnology & Genetics
  • Years of Experience: 10 Years
  • Email: radha_varvan@yahoo.co.in

Academic / Professional Achievements

  1. UGC project fellow

Title: Studies on phthalate toxicity: A multigenerational assessment at ‘Neuroscience and Toxicology’ lab, Dept. of Zoology, Bangalore University, Bangalore.

  1. Guided Project

Title: Synergetic Effect of Radiation and Antioxidant on Silk performance of Silk worm, Bombyx mori

Bombyx mori, the most widely used species in silk farming. The usage of enriched mulberry diet with antioxidants and radiation exposure had a high potential to increase the synthesis of total proteins, glycogen and cholesterol in silk gland’s distinct regions namely anterior, middle and posterior as well as in hemolymph found highly beneficial to farmers and sericulture industry to enhance the silk production.


1.Indian Institute of Science, Primate Research lab, Bangalore.

Title: Kinetic Studies on Antigen-Antibody Interaction  

Solid phase radio-immunoassay was developed with higher accuracy wherein Fab and FC fragments were isolated, assayed, and finally tested the effect(s) on modifying the Fab activity.   

2. National University of Singapore, Singapore

Title: Extracts from Natural Products for Drug Screens

Shellfish are contaminated with toxins by filter feeding on dinoflagellates species such as Dinophysis, epibenthic Prorocentrum species leading to diarrheic shellfish poisoning (DSP). Dinophysis and Prorocentrum species synthesizes okadaic acid, the lipophilic marine biotoxin which can cause diarrheic shellfish poisoning in humans due to ingestion of shellfish contaminated by toxic dinoflagellates. This toxin is released from the sulphated precursors by the action of esterases in the digestive tract of shellfish or by enzymes during the extraction of dinoflagellates in the laboratory. The extraction of active compounds such as okadaic acid from shellfish for drug screens found to be very crucial.

3. Bangalore University, Department of Zoology, Bengaluru     

Title: Mutigenerational assessment of phthalate toxicity in albino rats

The environmental exposure to phthalate esters (plasticizers) has contributed a major threat to humankind. Di-n-butyl phthalate (DBP), one among the plasticisers administered to rats for three-generations during gestation and lactation are witnessed with cognitive impairments. The neurobehavioral deficit was evidenced with poor learning and memory in rats. Further, the impact of DBP exposure in rats was remarkable in altered histoarchitecture of discrete regions of brain as well revealed antagonistic effects of DBP on thyroid function through changes in neurotransmitter release and their signalling. This was speculated when rats in the developing stage exposed to DBP for three-generations had repercussions as poor neurobehavioral outcomes due to epigenetic mechanism. The extent of vulnerability was witnessed in this study was higher in F3 progeny than F1 and F2, a key indicator of cumulative and compounded effects. The demonstration of the teratogenic and neurotoxic potential of DBP in rats was also associated maternal toxicity and pup mortality.

Publications – International Journal
  1. Mahaboob Basha P. & Radha M.J. Gestational di-n-butyl phthalate exposure induced developmental and teratogenic anomalies in rats: a multigenerational assessment. Environmental Science and Pollution Research. 2017; 24(5):4537-4551, DOI 10.1007/s11356-016-8196-6.
Publications – National Journal
  1. Radha M.J. & Mahaboob Basha P. Di (n)-Butyl Phthalate Induced Neuronal Perturbations in Rat Brain Tissues: A Multigenerational Assessment. Journal of Bioscience and Technology. 8(1), 2017:794-800 ISSN: 0976-0172.
Publications / Proceedings – International Conferences
  1. ? International symposium on Translational Neuroscience and 13th Annual conference of IAN on, ?Translational research: Novel Approaches to treat Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders? from 1st to 3rd November 2014, at NIMHANS displayed a poster entitled, “Multigenerational exposure of phthalates induces neurodegenerative changes in rats brain regions.?
  1. International conference on translational pharmacology, ?Translating Research to Therapy? at NIMHANS Convention Centre, Bangalore, India on 16th and 18th December 2013 at Bangalore, India and presented paper entitled “Correlates of oxidative stress indices and cognitive impairments in rats exposed to di-n-butyl phthalate: A multigenerational assessment
Publications / Proceedings -National Conferences
  1. National Seminar on ‘Development and Ecological Sustainability: Issues in Emerging India’ from 6th to 7th December 2018, held at Dept. of Life Sciences, Christ (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru presented a paper “Gestation mediated exposure of Di-N- Butyl Phthalate ensued variations in hormonal milieu of Wistar rats: A three generational comparative study.?
  2. National Conference on ?Ecology, Sustainable Development and Wildlife Conservation (NCESW) ?, WACC (Wildlife Awareness and Conservation Club), an association of St. Joseph’s College, Department of Environment Science and Department of Zoology, St. Joseph’s College on Ecology, Sustainable Development and Wildlife Conservation held on 15th and 16th December 2016 at St. Joseph’s College presented paper entitled, “Gestational and lactational exposition to di-n-butyl phthalate increases neurobehavioral perturbations in rats: A multigenerational assessment.”
  3. ? National Conference on ?Recent Advances in Animal Sciences? from 13th to 15th February, 2015 at Department of Applied Zoology, Mangalore University, Mangalore presented a paper entitled, “Chronic Di(-n)butyl phthalate exposure in rats alters novel molecular targets associated with neurotoxicity: A multigenerational assessment.?
  4. National Conference on ?Stress and Health : Frontiers of Research in Stress Related Diseases and Management? during 12th and 13th February 2015 at Department of Zoology, Maharani’s Science College for Women, Bangalore presented a paper entitled “Correlates of oxidative stress indices and protein metabolic markers in rat neural tissues upon exposure of Di (-n) butyl Phthalate: A multigenerational assessment.
  5. ? Symposium on ?Healthy Lifestyle and Human Welfare ? on 18th November and 19th November 2014 at Jnanabharathi, BUB displayed a poster entitled, “Uses of phthalates linked to health impairments: Assessment on Di-n-butyl phthalate induced neurodegenerative changes in rat tissues.?
  6. National symposium on ?Innovations in Science and Technology for Inclusive Development? at Department of Studies in Zoology on 3rd and 4th January 2014, at University of Mysore, Mysore presented a paper entitled, “Changes in oxidative stress indices and cognitive impairments in rats exposed to di-n-butyl phthalate: A multigenerational assessment.
  7. National Conferences National conference on ?Cell Mechanics and Interactions at the Physics Biology Interface-NCCMI 2013? at Bangalore University, Jnana Bharathi Campus, Bangalore, India on 30th and 31st August 2013 at Bangalore and presented poster entitled “Di (N-butyl) phthalate induced region specific vulnerability in rat central nervous system: A multigenerational assessment.?
Workshops/ Seminars/Conferences / FDP Attended
  1. Underwent professional training ‘University and PG College Msc Teacher Training Program in Biology/Life Science, organized by Centre of excellence in Science and Mathematics education, Indian Institute of Science, for 21-days ‘Teachers and Training’ refresher course supported and approved by MHRD, Government of India under Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya National mission, from 16th June 2019 to 6th July 2019 at Kudapura, Challakere, Chitradurga dt., Karnataka.
  2. One-day seminar on “New Methodology of Assessment & Accreditation by NAAC–Issues and Challenges” on 11th April 2019 organized by Internal quality assurance cell, Ramaiah college of Arts, Science and Commerce.
  3. InSearch one-day Symposium held on 18th January 2019 at Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific research, Jakkur, Bangalore.
  4. Two-week workshop on Research Methodology, ‘Statistical techniques and use of Statistical software’ during April-May 2013 held at Dept. of Statistics, Bangalore University, JB campus.
Awards and Recognition
  1. Best paper presentation for the paper entitled “Gestation mediated exposure of Di-N- Butyl Phthalate ensued variations in hormonal milieu of Wistar rats: A three generational comparative study” in the National Seminar on ‘Development and Ecological Sustainability: Issues in Emerging India’ from 6th to 7th December 2018, held at Dept. of Life Sciences, Christ (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru
Events organized

Guest lecture was organized on Oct. 18, 2019 pertaining to “Are lipids blamed to our diseases?” delivered by Dr. Prof. Cletus J.M. D’Souza, Adjunct Prof. at Mangalore University, Mangalore on for UG students.

Extracurricular activities
  1. Participated in International Yoga day from 21st May to 20th June, Oct 2016 held at Navachetana Yoga Kendra, Malleswaram, and Bangalore.
  2. Participated in Arogyathan and Yogathan program held at Global Wellness Meet 2016 in Palace ground, Bangalore.
Invited talks

Delivered public talk on topics ‘Environment’, ‘Common Ailments in humans’, ‘Stress Management’ at Gandhi Sahitya Sangha, Bangalore.

Areas of Interest

1. Neurotoxicology
3. Neurobehavior
4. Phthalate toxicity
5. Sericulture
6. Biochemistry