Title:     Faculty Development Program on “Program Outcomes-Course Outcomes (PO-CO) MAPPING AND ATTAINMENT”
Organising Department:    IQAC, MSRCASC, Bengaluru.
Dates:    29th April 2023
Venue:   Sir M Visvesvaraya Auditorium
Resource Person:  Dr. Naveen Kumar C.M.
Participants:  Faculty, MSRCASC
No. of Participants:  93

Objective of the Program:

The course outcomes (CO’s) and program outcomes (PO’s) for a faculty development program are to ensure that faculty members are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to provide high-quality instruction and to foster a culture of continuous improvement and innovation in teaching.

Overview of the Program:

It started with the Ramaiah anthem followed by invocation and lighting of the lamp by dignitaries. Later, IQAC Coordinator Prof. Vijayalaxmi Ramesh welcomed the gathering which was followed by an overview of the FDP program. Succeeding that, principal, Dr. Vatsala. G addressed and enlightened the gathering with her encouraging words. This was followed by the invited talk from Dr. Naveen Kumar C.M, Principal, Jain College, Bangalore followed by Question and Answer session. The FDP program was concluded with vote of thanks by IQAC Deputy coordinator Dr Akshata G Athreya followed by National Anthem.

Outcome of the Program:

The program typically covered various topics related to POs and COs, such as:

  • PO/PSO
  • This program was a training initiative designed to help faculty members to enhance their understanding and skills related to creating, measuring, and improving the effectiveness of Programs and the course outcomes in higher education.
  • Creating effective POs and COs that align with the learning objectives and institutional goals.
  • Developing assessment strategies and methods to measure the attainment of POs and COs and calculations were well addressed. Analysing and using assessment data to improve course and program effectiveness was explained in detail during the program.
  • Integrating POs and COs into the curriculum development process and ongoing quality assurance processes.
  • The program included training through lectures, case studies, and interactive sessions, which helped faculty members gain a deep understanding of the principles and practices related to POs and COs.
  • Importance on Exit feedback from stake holders and employers were well emphasized.
  • Overall, a faculty development program on POs and COs can help institution ensure that their programs and courses are effective and relevant to students' learning needs, as well as meet the quality assurance standards of regulatory bodies and accrediting agencies.