National Cadet Corps (NCC) is engaged in grooming the youth into disciplined and patriotic citizen. The NCC programme of the college plays an important role in installing discipline as well as preparing students for productive citizenship.

The NCC is the largest uniformed youth organization. Its motto is ‘Unity and Discipline’. NCC is second line of defence. Ramaiah College of Arts, Science and Commerce offer the training under Army Wing of the National Cadet Corps since 2003.

  • Affiliated Unit: 8 Karnataka Battalion NCC, Cunningham Road, Bengaluru
  • Division: Senior Wing SD/SW
  • Authorized Strength: 108
  • Group: NCC Gp HQ ‘B’ Bengaluru
  • Directorate: Karnataka & Goa
  • Eligibility: First year Degree (UG) Students
  • Certificates: After 2 years of training – ‘B’ Certificate, 3 years of training – ‘C’ Certificate


Total training period for SD and SW is 3 years with an extension of 1 year permissible & training. Every cadet has undergo training for a minimum period of 75% of total hours during the annually. Every cadet have attend minimum one camp to appear for ‘B’ Certificate exam and two camps ‘C’ Certificate exam. The total number of parades in a year is eighteen. The regular parades include training in practical and technical.

Common Camps:

Combined Annual Training Camps (CATC)

National Camps:

  • Youth Exchange Program (YEP)
  • Republic Day Camp (RDC)
  • All India Thal Sainik Camp (AITSC)
  • Ek Bharath Shreshtha Bharath (EBSB)
  • Basic Leadership Course (BLC)
  • Advance Leadership Course (ALC)
  • Army Attachment Camp (AAC)
  • Rock Climbing Training Camps (RCTC)
  • Adventure Activities Camp (AAC)

Cadets Achievement

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