To address issues of gender equality and gender-related discrimination among the staff and students, the college has established the Equality Opportunity Cell. Its purpose is to monitor the efficient execution of the policies and programmes for all the college's vulnerable groups. Its goals are to ensure diversity in the student, faculty, and staff communities and to end all forms of prejudice among all parties involved in running the college. It aims to foster an environment that will foster the development of positive interpersonal relationships among students from varied social backgrounds.

The college is dedicated to fostering diversity and achieving lively, inclusive growth for all of its sections through equal opportunity, knowledge creation, and dissemination.

To achieve all these goals, the Equal Opportunity Cell conducts seminars, workshops, guest lectures, activities, and awareness programmes from time to time on issues of contemporary significance and importance.

Members :

  1. Suma C, Convener
  2. Ms Haritha A
  3. Vijayalakshmi D
  4. Kruthi V P
  5. Deepa R