"We Can, We Will"

We, at M.S. Ramaiah College, are committed to giving our students the directions to not only perform but also excel, ensuring our students are always a step ahead. By providing a quality environment with necessary facilities, strong student support and high-quality teaching, we create an ideal ambience for our students to achieve higher grades in their examinations. We offer various courses in Arts, Life Sciences, Electronics, Commerce, Computers and Business Management at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Under the able direction of Honourable Chairman Dr M.R. Jayaram, Honourable Directors Shri. M.R. Janakiram & Shri. M.R. Kodandaram and the able guidance of Chief Executive Shri. B.S. Ramaprasad, we are committed to providing our students with everything they need to get ahead. We have set out the following objectives to accomplish the goal we are moving towards:

  • To create a healthy working environment for both staff and students by implementing congenial work ethics at the college premises.
  • To establish and implement a rigorous but practical quality assurance mechanism for guaranteeing the improvement of the college through the success of its students.
  • To select and provide the best tuition for students of all nationalities with the intent to lay a strong foundation for further studies.
  • To select and provide revised college policies, work practices, curricula, tuition, delivery, resources and targets based on lateral development as well as awareness through feedback.

Our ell-qualified faculty, equipped laboratories, extensive library and proctorial system of education ensure that each student gets excellent all-around support to face the world at large.